Sometimes the job calls for a more compact approach without sacrificing production speed. Meeting the needs of the residential contractor who may be working in tight spaces, this self-propelled trencher can easily handle irrigation systems, power lines and other trenching applications. The ZA90R saves space while providing the necessary power for trenches up to 900mm deep. The pivoting bar design keeps high-wear components out of the dirt and is easily maintained. The front end rotates on a wheel instead of a chain guide gear. This reduces maintenance problems often caused by dirt and debris. The control panel is simple and understandable even for the novice operator. The speed variator allows the operator to adjust the speed of his wheels to the ground conditions. The reversible drive of the trenching chain gives us the possibility of dislodging obstructions or debris that cause clogging.

FEATURES: • All hydraulic operation for greater reliability and less maintaining. Double hydraulic pump. • Self-propelled, compact size and light weight. • Pivot system keeps the pivot bushing out of dirt. • Trenching chain direction reverser to dislodge rocks and debris. • Free wheel hub on each wheel allow operator to transport without engine running. • Large diameter auger for ditch cleaning. • Performance at a depth of 70 cm 50/60 m/h in natural terrain.