The XN10 backhoe can perform excavation, crushing, ditch cleaning, drilling and handling, it has various accessories among them; hook quickly achieving its utilization to a great extent. In addition, they are easy to operate, transportable and flexible for work in narrow places. Among the accessories it has: Quick coupler, Auger, Clamp, Ripper, Rake, Sieve Bucket, Tilting Bucket, Hydraulic Hammer and different sizes of Buckets.

FEATURES: • Dimensions: Height 1130mm | Width 896mm | Length 2770mm • Operating weight: 940Kg. • Engine: Single-cylinder air-cooled diesel. • Bucket capacity: 0.02m3. • Power: 7.5 kW. • Basic movements: bucket rotation, arm extend/retract, boom raise/lower, and turntable rotate. • Digging depth: 1650mm max.