Branch Shaker

Implement for vibrating branches in order to knock down ripe fruits. The shaker is a very useful and economical implement for small to medium-sized producers that speeds up the harvest of walnuts, olive trees and other dried fruits. It is designed to be applied to our Skid Steer Loader and drive it hydraulically, as well as we also have a model to be used in low to medium power tractors, which have 3 points and PTO. This type of mechanization speeds up work by up to 90% and avoids the use of canes, rods that cause physical wear and tear on personnel as well as damage many productive branches. Characteristics: width: 785mm – height: 1267mm – length: 510mm. Wire diameter: 6mm. Cable length: 6 m. more linga with hook. Average flexion of 5-10 cm at the top of the branch.